Omega Three Benefits
Fish food chain, image credit: Frits Ahlefeldt

Fish Oil Capsules With A High DHA Quantity Are The Key

If you’re buying fish oil capsules, you want to get the best benefit for your money.

So always check the side of the bottle, and see what you are really getting. Because 1000mg of ‘fish oil’ does NOT mean 1000mg of DHA.

DHA Levels Are Critical

Nearly all of the clinical research associated with omega three comes down to DHA.

And because of our polluted oceans, fish oil capsules with a high DHA quantity are now the best way to get the daily DHA your body needs.

Not all omega three capsules, or even fish oil capsules, are high in DHA. In fact, seed oil based capsules will have virtually none.

So What Is DHA?

DHA (or ‘docosahexaenoic acid’) is one of the long chain fatty acids found in omega three.

It is has been shown to be vital to most systems in our bodies. Everything from our eyes, to our brains, our heart and nervous system.

Without DHA, our body essentially doesn’t work!

Where Does DHA Come From?

Our bodies can make it, from the shorter chain essential fatty acids ALA and EPA. Although this process is hugely inefficient, and varies enormously between individuals.

It’s been measured at less than 0.1% efficient, and virtually undetectable in some individuals.

So we have to get most of our DHA directly from our food. And fish are by far the best source.

DHA levels build in the food chainCold water based fish (‘oily fish’) tend to be high in DHA, because they are carniverous and eat smaller fish, which also eat smaller fish, which ultimately eat algae.

And it’s this ‘food chain’ process which concentrates the beneficial DHA into the big fish at the top of the chain.

How Much DHA Should Be In Fish Oil Capsules?

There is no Government ‘recommended daily amount’ for DHA yet. Mainly because research has yet to reliably establish those amounts.

check the label for the level of DHAThe BEST GUIDE we currently have comes from ISSFAL (International Society for the Study of Fats and Lipids), who advise a daily minimum of EPA + DHA of 500mg for healthy adults.

Remember, if the bottle doesn’t say how much DHA is in there, it could well be NONE!

My own research has shown Xtend-Life’s fish oil to have the highest percentage of DHA per capsule on the market. Which is why they proudly display it on the bottle!

Always check supplement labels to make sure you are buying fish oil capsules with high DHA quantities. If it’s not there you’re probably wasting your money.


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