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DHA Food Sources (List + Important To Know)

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is a type of omega 3 fatty acid chain which is important for most systems in our bodies. DHA is important for everything from brain function through to heart health and our nervous systems. Most clinically proven benefits for omega 3 actually come down to DHA. Which makes DHA very important indeed […]

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Fish Oil Capsules With A High DHA Quantity Are The Key

If you’re buying fish oil capsules, you want to get the best benefit for your money. So always check the side of the bottle, and see what you are really getting. Because 1000mg of ‘fish oil’ does NOT mean 1000mg of DHA. DHA Levels Are Critical Nearly all of the clinical research associated with omega […]

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Fish Oil Capsules With Hoki Oil

Hoki is more commonly known as the New Zealand whiting. Fish oil capsules with hoki oil are highly desirable for TWO very important reasons: Hoki is very rich in omega three. Hoki is fished from the pristine clean waters around New Zealand’s shores. So not only does hoki have great levels of beneficial oils, it […]

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What Is The Best Brand Of Fish Oil To Take?

Well this is the one I take – but the important bit is why. The best type of fish oil is not about cheap or expensive. It’s about what works. And you need to know just a few simple things to be able to buy wisely, and avoid the bad products. 1. Most Health Benefits […]

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