Omega Three Benefits

About Me

Pierce HolmfordHi,

Welcome to my site. My name is Pierce Holmford and I’m a bit of health nut.

I guess my interest in health and nutrition began when I realised how unfit I was, and joined a gym. (I guess we all have those moments coming up to a big birthday..?)

So I started working out, lost a little fat, and toned up a bit.

It wasn’t until I starting reading magazines about health and fitness though that I began to understand the massive impact food has on our bodies. It seems obvious to me now – of course low quality food means low quality health.

But back then I was eating poorly and wondering why I was tired all the time! And why my gym workouts very quickly peaked at feeble…

pierce on treadmill

So I read a lot of magazines, and a lot of books.

My diet changed. I got pretty good at cooking food. I ate lots more vegetables, fruit, seeds, nuts, pulses, fresh raw stuff straight out of the ground – all the stuff we know our bodies are designed to have a broad range of. I cut down the meat, then cut it out altogether.

I felt better than I ever had before, and performed so much better at the gym. I shed the fat, and toned up the muscle – nothing obsessive or over the top, just fit and healthy.

pills?Now the fitness world is jam packed full of pills and potions. And of course nobody needs the vast majority of them. I’ve never been a big fan of supplements, but there is a definite argument for some of them.


It’s about being as healthy as you can now. And staying that way for a lot longer.

I mean, do we want to be just outside the ‘unhealthy’ category, or do we want to feel great!?

And this is proven stuff – great nutrition gives us more energy, more zest for life, it makes us happier, helps us bounce back from lifes knocks faster. It’s about every day being that little bit better.

So after a long journey, and a lot of study, I decided to create a few websites about areas of nutrition that I think are really important.

And omega three is one of those. It’s incredibly important for our bodies, and not that easy to eat enough from our normal food sources, without risking our health from toxins!

So please dive in, read more about the many amazing benefits of using Omega 3.

And if you have any questions, have a story to tell or just want to say hi, drop me a line using my Contact page.

To your health,


P.S. You can also find me on Twitter here, and over on Facebook here.