Omega Three Benefits

Mercury In Fish Oil Capsules

The danger of PCB’s and mercury in fish oil capsules is real, and worthy of your concern.

mercury in fish oil capsulesMany of us take fish oil supplements because of the benefits related to brain health – when mercury build up within our bodies can actually lead to brain disorders and memory disfunction.

It’s Down To Polluted Oceans

Our oceans have been polluted for many years by heavy industry, oil extraction, waste disposal and shipping.

And sadly it has simply got to the level where the toxins we put into the seas are showing up in the food that we take from them.

It’s for this simple reason that we are told to limit our intake of otherwise wonderfully delicious and beneficial oily fish. The toxic metals such as mercury in these larger fish have reached levels that can cause a hazard to our health.

But What About The Mercury In Fish Oil Capsules?

To get fish oil that is high in those vital omega three fatty acids, we have to start with that same oily fish that we are told we must eat – but be careful about!

And when we process those fish and extract the oils, it is impossible not to end up with those toxic metals in the oils. If the toxins are in the fish then they will end up in the oil.

Filtering Is Not A Luxury!

There is no need to tolerate any toxic metals, PCB’s or dioxins in your fish oil supplements.

The technology exists to remove them, and should be used by every manufacturer. Sadly, this is not the case.

Look for a product that has been processed using molecular filtration as a minimum, and score extra points for additional purification processes.

Also look for actual laboratory test results on the manufacturers website. This is not something you should have to dig deep for – the removal or lack of toxic metals should be something proudly displayed.

Recommended Company?

The manufacturer I buy from is called Xtend-Life. They have been incredibly helpful in providing all the detail I could possibly ask of them.

They produce a very high quality product that contains no mercury.

In part because they source the best fish from the pristine clean waters around New Zealand (read more in What is the most healthy fish?).

And because they also use both molecular distillation with some additional proprietory filtration which achieves superb results which go way beyond any required manufacturing standards. Simply unbeatable.