Omega Three Benefits

Key Benefits Of Omega Three Fish Oil

The benefits of omega three fish oil have been known since studies from the 1970’s.

And the body of evidence has been growing ever since.

Even the US Food and Drug Administration have issued a qualified health claim – for reduced risk of heart disease for foods that contain EPA and DHA omega three fatty acids. That means there is ‘credible scientific evidence’.

For a huge organisation like the FDA to issue such a statement, well, it’s highly significant!

It Started With Evidence Of Heart Health

Back in 1975 researchers made a study of the Inuit tribe in Greenland (‘Eskimos’ as we used to know them). These were a people who lived on a very high fat diet, mainly from seafood. But astoundingly they showed virtually no heart disease at all.

The reasons were concluded to be the high levels of omega three fatty acids, in particular the long chain types EPA and DHA. These substances had protected the tribe by reducing their heart rates, their blood pressure and reduced ‘clogging’ of the arteries too (atherosclerosis).

All conditions those of us living a Western lifestyle are well aware to be spiralling out of control!

Omega Three Supports Most Bodily Systems

Research has come a long way since that study back in 1975.

And now we know that omega three has an influence over nearly all of our bodies systems.

Clinical studies have shown some amazing beneficial effects for many different health concerns.

Here’s just a brief summary:-

  • Brain: greater efficiency of neurotransmitters, which leads to better concentration and memory. As well as a reduction in the occurrence of depression, and ADHD in children.
  • Heart: reduction in triglycerides which helps to balance out your cholesterol level – as the inuit people have appreciated for longer than we have.
  • Joints: a reduction in inflammation which leads to improved joint function, and of course less pain.
  • Immune System: stronger autoimmune system and allergic inflammation response.
  • Vision: improvements to eye focus as well as clarity of vision.
  • Digestion: intestine health improvements, and the reduced inflammation can help sufferers of IBS
  • Diabetes: enhancements to insulin production and regulation of sugar levels in the bloodstream.

Truly the benefits of omega three fish oil are astounding.

The more we learn about it, and nutrition in general, the more we understand why our modern diets have such a dramatic impact on our health and wellbeing.

So it is important to look at your diet, not just to avoid the ‘bad things’ but to make sure you are getting enough of the good ones.

I don’t personally eat fish anymore, partly due to the global concern with the levels of toxins in fish. This is the reason we are told not to eat more than two portions of oily fish per week. So I now rely on a quality filtered fish oil supplement to ensure I get enough omega three and DHA in my diet.