Omega Three Benefits

The Best Brand Of Fish Oil To Take?

Well this is the one I takebut the important bit is why.

The best type of fish oil is not about cheap or expensive. It’s about what works.

And you need to know just a few things to be able to buy wisely.

1. Most Health Benefits Come From DHA

DHA is a long chain fatty acid found in omega three fish oils. It’s not found in vegetable sources in any decent quantity.

But most of the clinical benefits that come from omega three, are actually coming from DHA.

If a fish oil supplement contains lots of omega three from nut or seed sources, then it won’t be high in DHA. So check the label and make sure it states how much DHA you are actually getting. If it doesn’t say, don’t trust it.

2. Filter Out The Toxins

Most fish sources that are high in omega three are also unacceptably high in toxic metals such as mercury. Our oceans are polluted so it’s something we now have to live with.

That’s why we are told not to eat more than 2 portions of oily fish per week!

So look for a product that is at least molecularly distilled.

Because these toxins can be filtered out of a fish oil supplements, so there is no reason to keep them in!

3. Fresher Is Better

This is important – fish oil should NOT smell fishy!

If you have ever suffered fishy after-taste or burps, then you’ve likely used a product with oil that isn’t as fresh as it should be. Oils that aren’t fresh will cause repeating, and can even be higher in free radical levels too!

Don’t be conned by manufacturers who put fragrances or coatings on their capsules to hide the fact their oils are not fresh.

You should be able to cut open a fish oil capsule and smell just a hint of fresh ocean type smell.

So What Do I Recommend?

In my opinion, this one from Xtend-Life in New Zealand. Because of the reasons above, but specifically:

  • It’s just fish oils with no added extras – no flavors or colors ar other weird additives
  • It’s high in those vital levels of DHA that make it worth consuming omega three
  • It’s sourced ethically and from cleaner waters
  • Their processing methods ensure absolute freshness
  • They filter out any harmful toxins that some manufacturers leave in, it is exceptionally pure
  • It’s the best of it’s kind, yet still costs less than some other brands I’ve used

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