Omega Three Benefits

Does Fish Oil Reduce Cholesterol?

Does fish oil reduce cholesterol safely and naturally? What effect does it have on total triglycerides? Here’s what we know.

Taking fish oil can have a variety of effects that are beneficial to the heart and cardiovascular system.

  • First, it thins the blood, which reduces the risks of clotting. Blood clots cause strokes, heart attacks and other health problems.
  • Second, it has a modest effect on high blood pressure. Although the effect is not enough to be hazardous to a person with low blood pressure, it is enough to be noticeable in clinical studies. The benefit for high blood pressure has partly to do with relaxing the smooth muscles of the cardiovascular system.
  • Third, the supplement lowers total blood triglycerides. Because of that, there is actually a prescription brand on the market, targeted at people with very high blood triglycerides. Many doctors suggest that their patients just use a quality fish oil supplement instead, rather than prescribing the more expensive prescription version.

How Does Fish Oil Reduce Cholesterol?

Total triglyceride level is not always something that doctors discuss with their patients, although it is something that should be included in a blood profile.

The greatest risks are associated with high triglycerides and high LDL (bad) cholesterol levels.

So, does fish oil reduce cholesterol of the bad kind? It does, but that’s not the end of the story.

HDL particles are good cholesterols. They are good, because they have a higher density, which means they are not as likely to clog the arteries. They are also good, because they pick up the smaller, less dense LDL particles and carry them back to the liver for reprocessing or disposal from the body.

So, raising HDL levels always lowers LDL levels.

Choosing healthier Omega-3 fats, such as those found in olive oil and some kinds of fatty fish and seafood is one way to raise HDL levels (but be careful of Government advice regarding toxins in fresh fish).

It is important to note that the supplement is not a magic pill. It should be combined with a healthier diet and regular physical activity.

Does Fish Oil Reduce Cholesterol Fast?

Results vary. In order to see the most benefit, you need to choose a good brand and you may need some other supplements.

If there is not a significant difference after two months of supplementation, you might try adding a multi-nutritional supplement to your regimen. It is important to choose a good brand, because some contain large amounts of the less healthy Omega-6s.

Is Fish Oil Safe To Take?

Supplements have got to be a far better choice than statins, because of the risks associated with those drugs.

It makes sense to try supplements first, as they do the trick for many people, so long as your doctor agrees.

But do be careful when choosing which fish oil supplement to use, because there is a risk of mercury in fish oil capsules – due to pollution in our oceans.

Any fish oil supplement you buy should be made from fish sourced from cleaner waters and/or properly filtered to remove any of the toxins and heavy metals present in the fish.

The fish oil I personally use has been molecularly filtered, and contains no traceable levels of toxic metals. So I get all the benefits of the Omega oils without any of the risks!

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